Organic Hemp Smart Farm

About Us

Since 2003, we were the pioneers in the development of the hemp industry in Thailand. After two decades in this field, textiles have been our main product, made from the hemp trees. Besides the production of this natural product, our aim is also to grow and harvest this beautiful, organic hemp tree without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, minimize the use of water, support the local people, mainly the Hmong hilltribe.

Furthermore, we want to help the local villages and promote new and more sustainable ways of agriculture for the local villages through the use of green technology and green energy, promote the importance of keeping the environment clean so that the next generations can take advantage of our methods in the future. We have also introduced research and development so that we can make each harvest as efficient as possible by working closely together with universities and other agricultural institutions

Our farm

Sustainable Farming

Hempthai strongly believes in organic agriculture and with strict internal rules, we can guarantee that no chemicals have been used.  The location of our farm is in the highlands, in an area which is by many looked at as the prime location for food production in Thailand.  This is due to a perfect climate all year, very fertile soil, good access to water year round, and with a population which has been trained in all aspects of agriculture for generations. 

Our products

Sustainable Products

Hempthai is making several products originating from the hemp plant. The key components used on our farm are: fiber, stem, leaves, roots and seeds.



Food and Baverage


CSR Event

Alcohol spray and mask donations

During the 2020/21 COVID-19 period, Hempthai is supporting the local government and villages bydonating alcohol spray and masks.  We feel it’s very important to support local people here to stay safe from the COVID-19 virus, and would like to thank all local goverent employees and volunteers for joining us in this fights so that we can all have a healthy living and working environment here.

Upcoming Exhibition

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