Events & Exhibitions

Events and Exhibitions

Hempthai is eager to promote our industry and is therefore very often to be seen at many events throughout Thailand and beyond.  Through global networking, Hempthai has become a name many people around the world associate with quality and the highest standards.  Several TV programs have also been invited to spread our message of sustainable agriculture.  Local TV has also been visiting local Hmong villages and promoting their local products. 

Upcoming Events

Details: 3rd Sustainable Fashion Expo
Location: Tokyo Big Sight West Hall , Thailand pavilion Booth s17
Date: 5 - 7 April, 2023


Hempthai has participated in several exhibitions for a decade.

King Power Phuket Downtown '15

Ecotopia, Siam Discovery '18

FDA Conference, Bitec Bangna '20

Thailand Industrial Expo '16

Thailand Industrial Expo '18

Thailand Money Expo '14

Bio-Diversity Expo, Meuang Thong Thani '16

Bio-Diversity Expo, Siam Paragon '14

Bio-Diversity Expo, Villa Park Ratchapreuk '17

Bio-Diversity Expo, Thailand Government Center '16

Bio-Diversity Expo, Bitec Bangna '14

Bio-Diversity Expo, Fashion Island '15

Bio-Diversity Expo, Sirikit Convention Center '17

Bio-Diversity Expo, Department of Export '17

Thailand Industrial Expo '15

Thailand Industrial Expo '17

OTOP Industrial Expo '15

Sacict IICF, Meuang Thong Thani '15

Sacict IICF, Meuang Thong Thani '16

Sacict IICF, The Mall Bangkhae '18

Hemp Showcase, SET '17

Ministry of Industry Showcase '15

BIF&BIL, Meung Thong Thani '15

TCDC Connect Expo '18

Bicycle Fair, Thaniya Plaza '14

Show Case Natural Dyed, Thanya Shopping Park '18

Thailand Industrial Expo '18

Thailand Industrial Expo, Bitec Bangna '16

OTOP Industrial Expo, Sirikit Convention Center '16

Hemp product showcase, Thanya Shopping Park '15


Hempthai has represented to providing knowledge in several TV shows.

Material for Future, Live session, TCDC '21

Kumpee Vitheeruay, Live session, MCOT TV '21

Caravan Sumranjai, Creative thinking for hemp products' 20

Kyoto Hemp Forum '16

OP Place '15

SMEs pointing the Rich '14

Innovation Community '15

Netflix Documentary '18

Innovation of the year Award '16

BEDO, The Idea of natural products from local '16

SACICT, The Creative products idea from hemp '18

T-Money, The value of innovation '15

Economy from Earth '16

Business from creative idea '15

Creative idea for inspring under Zero waste Project '15

Creative business idea '16

Creative business idea '17

Hemp for business idea '21