Hemp & Marijuana

Hemp VS Marijuana

by the Structure of Plants

1. Stem

Hemp: Above 2 meters to 4 meters height. The stem about 30 cm from the ground will look round, then next up is wavy bulge stem.

Marijuana: Mostly lower than Hemp. Some species are short shrubs. The base is width and the stem is acuminate up to the top likes pagoda.

2. Branch

Hemp: Large leaves. Line of leaves on the stem and branches is quite wide. Hemp is translucent.

Marijuana: Marijuana has many branches. They grow in switch pattern and in circle shape.

3. Leaves arrangement

Hemp: Large leaves; the arrangement of leaves on stems and branches is quite far. Hemp is in bush shape and translucent.

Marijuana: Small narrow long leaves; The arrangement of the leaves are close together. Marijuana is in bush shape and is not translucent.

4. Node

Hemp: Nodes of the stem is wider than marijuana. Branches and leaves of Hemp are spread off, so they made Hemp to be clear and dense.

Marijuana: Nodes are narrow to each others. Branches and leaves are close, so marijuana is dense and opaque.

5. Leaf

Hemp: Leaves are yellowish green. Edges of each sub-leaves are curve and spread.

Marijuana: Leaves are green to dark green. Edges of each sub-leaves are long and slender.

6. Inflorescence

Hemp: When Hemp blooms, the infloresence has not much rubber. When smoke, its give stink smell and makes headaches.

Marijuana: When marijuana blooms, the infloresence has much rubber. When smoke, it gives good smell like hay and makes hallucinogenic effect.

7. Seed

Hemp: They are large, some have muriform. They have Coarse grain of the skin

Marijuana: They are small and has shiny skin.

8. Xylem size

Hemp: Hemp has a larger diameter of its xylem

Marijuana: Marijuana has a smaller diameter

9. Bark

Hemp: Barks and stems separate. They peel easily, are viscous,give long fiber, and are in high quality.

Marijuana: There are thin barks, hard peeled and easily torned. They give low quality fiber.

10. Narcotic Level

Hemp: It has Tetra Hydro Cannabinol or THC 0.3% – 7%

Marijuana: It has 1% – 10% of THC