1. Peeling the shells of Hemps to make fiber
You start off by squeezing the center of the trunk until it breaks and then you peel the shells or fiber.

2. Attaching the fiber
Massage the Hemp fiber until it becomes soft. Then, string or attach them together by lacing them over each other so that they are not tangled together.

3. Squeezing the fiber
Spin the fiber until it gets smaller and stickier. Then, you have to check and reattach the fiber that has been torn.

4. Boil until it turns white
In order for the Hemp fiber to be sticky and firm, you must boil the Hemp fiber and then rinse it. You must do this until the fiber turns white.

5. Ironing the fiber
The next step is to iron the fiber again, so that every string of fiber is firmly attached to each other.

6. Inspecting the fiber
You must separate and inspect each string of fiber and make sure that it is good enough. If some of them are torn then you must reattach them again and place them in a basket.

7. Preparing the fiber to put them in the weaving machine
To make sure that everything is in order, the Hemp fiber will be pulled tight and inspected on once again to make sure that none of them are torn.

8. Weaving the fabric
Weaving fabric takes many days before you can get the Hemp fiber used for sewing clothing and other things.