Hemp Japan and Hemp Thailand

I'm just a little bit of an explanation about the color of hemp and Japanese Hemp, which is used in azabu raku.
The left side of Tochigi Prefecture was improved in the improved variety of Tochigi Prefecture.
It is the Japanese indigenous species in Gunma Prefecture, which is made in gunma prefecture.
The Right-hand right of the domestic products of Thailand
I think it is clear that the difference between hemp and hemp makes the difference between the variety and the regions.
In each of them, the expression of a different type of fiber in a weaving machine is to make it easier to understand that it is the same as the raw ingredient of this ingredient.
Thailand's of hemp is a big feature of the color of the creation of the color.
This is a beautiful color of blue blue, like the emerald blue, like the emerald blue, and the emerald blue.
It is also a color for the azabu in azabu.
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